Plugging abandoned wells
  • If you abandon your water well, test hole, monitoring well or geo-technical boring, you are required by state law to properly plug the well and ensure that it is completely sealed to prevent potential contaminants from entering the hole and infiltrating the underlying or surrounding groundwater formation. Normally this requirement involves filling the hole to a pre-determined depth with cement and/or bentonite grout or a combination of other approved materials.
  • In addition, if you have an abandoned well on your property, you must ensure that it has been properly sealed to prevent pollution of your existing well as well as your neighbor’s wells. A form must be filled out, certified and submitted to the state, verifying that the well is abandoned. The state keeps the records for all abandoned wells in your state.
  • a fantastic read  Landowners are responsible for the plugging of abandoned wells on their property and are liable for any groundwater contamination or injury that results from these wells.

  • buy modafinil uk online  Like other wells, an abandoned well is a direct channel from the ground surface to the aquifer below. Contaminants that enter the well move directly into the aquifer. If a concentrated chemical enters a well, it may move into the aquifer and threaten human health and the environment. It also puts other wells in the same aquifer at risk for contamination, particularly those on the same property or those close to the abandoned well.

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